Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

When I was in high school and college, I worked in a grocery store as a checker. I met a lot of people during those 8 years and it allowed me a deep schooling on people. I saw all walks of life, from my “regular” customers, to the homeless and poor who came in with dirty change and recycled can money. I got to know people who were on welfare, I met people who drove nice cars, and I got to flirt with the cute firemen. I talked with old people, young people, pregnant ladies, step-parents, single parents, high school drop outs, con artists… you name it. It was a wonderful time of life, filled with a lot of growth and contemplation.

I learned that if you look into the eyes of people, you can read their story. I saw a lot of worry and hurt, I saw insecurities, walls put up, anger, embarrassment, and sadness. I saw joy, and light-heartedness, and enthusiasm for life. I saw regrets, and stress, and loss. I saw beauty, even in the “unbeautiful”.

One young girl always stuck out in my mind… and still does even after all these years. This girl was older than I was by a few years, but she had never worked a day in her life. She became a box girl, and her job was to bag groceries and retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot. They assigned her to my check stand so I could train her. She was simply gorgeous physically! She had long, blond, perfectly curled hair. Her nails were always professionally manicured. Her makeup was lovely, and her figure looked like she just walked out of a magazine.

She has held a place in my memory, and I often reflect on her, because she taught me a great life lesson. She was a very “ugly” person inside. I often marveled at how someone who had such potential could be so unhappy and negative. Working with her, I quickly realized what the expression, “Beauty is Only Skin Deep” really meant. I don’t think one positive word ever came out of that girl’s mouth. She complained her whole shift, every shift. She did not try, she did not smile, she did not say anything kind to the customers, to me, or to anyone. She dragged her feet, she complained, she wore a frown, she was a mess. Why was she so unhappy? I tried to talk with her, but she was untouchable, totally unreachable. I felt sorry for her.

I often compared her to one of the homeless ladies who always came through my line. Her name was Flo, and she was well known for her smelly, dirty coins she placed on the counter to pay for canned beans and day-old-bread. She would reach into her sweaty bra (I know… YUCK) to get out her food stamps. All the other checkers were relieved when Flo would come through my line, so they wouldn’t have to smell her and interact with her. But… she was a blessing to me and a “teacher” of sorts. She always had a smile on her toothless, worn down face. She always had a nice word to say. She was grateful for what she had. She was happy that people in our store knew her name and treated her kindly. She, to me, was beautiful.

These two very different ladies taught me that TRUE beauty lies within!

From that point on, after meeting that girl I worked with and Flo, I became very aware of the insides of people; their heart and soul. I have met so many people who are “beautiful” by the public’s standards… who are not-so-beautiful inside. On the flip side, I have met so many people who are not so attractive physically, who are the most amazingly beautiful people! It really brought to life the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”… and unfortunately, I think we all do that.

I think that was the biggest life lesson I learned at that grocery store. I began to really get to know people and to look into their eyes, their soul, their history, and get to know them… not avoid them because they look different or disheveled, or “less than”. I learned that “beautiful” people also have pain, sadness, and baggage… and that we are not to judge them because of how they look. I was able to remove all stereo types. I was able to remove judgment. I was able to love.

Find Your Best Discount Beauty Products Today

The beauty business will always flourish, even in the midst of a global financial crisis. There is just no way women all over the world will stop buying beauty products that can enhance their natural beauty and at the same time make them feel good about themselves.

Beauty products, however, can be quite expensive. Of course, one can always look for naturally made beauty enhancers, but due to the advertising costs that the companies making these natural products incur, these products become too expensive as well. Well known brands for beauty items usually have to pay huge amounts for celebrities endorsing their products, the cost of which, of course will have to be passed on to the consumer.

It is always anybody’s dream to find discounts for a product, so for some women, especially, finding best discount beauty products is such a treat. There are several ways you can buy beauty items at discounted prices. For example, you can wait for big mall sales, or look for huge discounts from the manufacturer of well known brands.

Another great way to find discounted beauty items is by using the Internet. Online shopping for beauty products has been popular for many years now and is often the best way to find beauty items at discounted prices. It affords consumers the ease of shopping, even at the comfort of their own homes. Shopping online for affordable beauty items is also a great way to compare prices, and read reviews about the product, before purchasing it.

In fact, you can even visit the websites of famous brands, and find out if you qualify for a free sample of their beauty product. You can test the product, write a review about it, and perhaps even get a discount when you are ready to buy one for yourself.

Some websites will give you a discount code which you can use when shopping online for beauty items. You can go to an online store selling these beauty products, and type in the discount code that you received and avail of 10% discount or more on the selling price. You would have to factor in the shipping costs, however to check if buying the beauty product online is better than buying it from a department store.

Free Beauty Product Samples

With so many beauty products, skin care treatments and cosmetics on the market today, it can be challenging finding the ones that really work for you and your complexion or skin type. Whether you are a man or a women, there are certainly products and topical treatments that can benefit your appearance. So, the question is, how do you go about finding the ones you need? Well, fortunately there are free beauty product samples offered in many local stores, as well as online. All you need to do is take a little time to seek them out. This way you can actually try them and get a feel for how they work, but without paying for them yet.

Have you ever been to a shopping mall department store. If the answer is yes, then you have likely seen the countless beauty products they offer at the various cosmetic counters. These brands range from Lancome, to Este Lauder, to Clinique, to Prescriptives, to Chanel, to Mac, and many more. The point is, you can approach any of these cosmetic counters to inquire about skin care products and topical treatments. Maybe they will offer some you like, and you can acquire a few free product samples form the cosmetic lady behind the counter. Typically if you ask for these, they will give them to you. However, many people do not know to ask.

There are websites that offer free beauty product samples as well. Try taking a look at sites like,, and Each of these websites offers free product samples to men and women all over the United States. It is simply your job to pull up the websites and enter your address and name so you can acquire them. This only takes a few minutes and it gives you a chance to try some new beauty products, skin care treatments, soaps, razors, and hair care products. This can be very helpful if you haven’t a clue which one to buy. It is better to save your money, and just test out free product samples first.

If you are not trying free beauty product samples, you really are missing out. Anything that you can test out free of charge should be examined more closely. The company, brand or manufacturer clearly has confidence in their product, so you may want to give it a shot. Think for a moment about the types of free beauty product samples you would like to test out. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, because there are samples for both. Now, use convenient websites and stores to to acquire the free beauty product samples you are interested in. Another store that provides oodles of free samples is Sephora. Check online to see if there is one near you.

The Surprising Secret to Shiny, Strong, Beautiful Hair

Having beautiful and flowing tresses takes a little know how. Understanding what your hair needs to grow and shine naturally on its own is the key to unlocking the secret to fabulous hair.

For growth and strength, hair needs protein. In order to maintain shine and avoid tangles, your hair also needs some acidity to cleanse away product build up from shampoos, hair sprays and so on. Finally, your hair needs moisture to prevent damage and breaking.

Luckily, you can find all these hair essentials in a single product. You won’t find it in the cosmetics shop or your local beauty store. You will, however, find it in your favourite grocery store.

Using mayonnaise on your hair is a very old tradition, that some skeptics consider a wive’s tale or silly legend. In truth, mayonnaise does wonders for the strength, shine and overall condition of your hair.

Mayonnaise is made up of three key ingredients: eggs, vinegar and oil. Eggs provide your locks with a natural source of protein to grow strong and healthy. Vinegar will strip away any product build up and cleanse your scalp, keeping dandruff flakes from appearing. It’s also used effectively to prevent or combat lice problems. Oil, of-course, is a natural hydrating ingredient which will not only moisturize but also protect and seal your hair.

Not only is mayonnaise a cost-effective hair care solution, but it’s easy to apply and anyone can do it. Simply apply a thick coating to freshly cleaned, wet hair and leave on for about half an hour. Make sure you liberally coat each strand of hair all the way to the scalp for best results. Rinse your hair under warm running water until it runs clear, so you can be certain all traces of the mayonnaise are gone.

Nature Holds the Key to Health and Beauty

It is easy to find the best products on the planet when you look outside your windows, and this is because nature holds the key to health and beauty. The best products around are the ones that come from a natural source that is not stuffed with additives and or chemicals. Most times you will find these types of products in stores that cater to better life, such as an organic or health food grocery store. While these stores are more expensive than that of an everyday run of the mill store, you need to keep in mind that there is a big difference between the two products that you are bringing home.

Cleaning Products

While nature holds the key to health and beauty, it is also important to understand that it also has its fingerprints all over cleaning products as well. Many of these products are actually used to clean your face and other various locations, and they are great for your skin as they are 100% pure and healthy. You will find far less products in this market that will actually give someone an allergic reaction. There are several products in a conventional store that will give someone a reaction as there are several chemicals in the product sold there. The good clean products that nature has intended are exactly what you should be looking for as they will give you nothing more than what you actually want.

Beauty Products

Seeing some of the ridiculous products on the market today that boast of specific “clean” chemicals only reconfirms that nature holds the key to health and beauty. There are many products that claim that they are safe for your body or skin, yet it is always the natural items that seem to work the best for the application. This can be anything from burn creams, all the way down the line to deodorants. Whatever beauty product that you are trying to use today, there now seems to be a natural remedy for it available. The truly funny thing about this however, is that this remedy that people are all praising up and down have been around basically since the beginning of time. These ingredients that are used for wonderful products are items that are in the forests, oceans, and plains around the planet. This makes the remedies simple to obtain, and great for the environment.

Chemicals Versus Nature

As nature holds the key to health and beauty, you are going to find that there is always going to be a debate as to which products are better. Man made chemical products may have some merit when it comes to harsh stain or odor removal, yet you have to wonder what is in them and what they do for the planet when used. Natural products are there from the beginning, and have done nothing harmful to the environment. This makes them sensible alternatives that should never be ignored.